Solution Focused Therapies

With Angie Hayes

Angie Hayes, Hypnotherapist in Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset

Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Couples Therapy

I offer a range of therapies which are explained in more detail in the sections below. Please have a look at what I can offer to you as an individual, or as a couple. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is method that includes the trance state, whereas Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is purely a talking therapy. Couples Therapy employs SFBT and is referred to as SFCT.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Like all Solution Focused therapies, this form of hypnotherapy is a highly collaborative approach between the therapist and the client focusing on the changes that are most important to you. In many cases it can be a brief therapy, enabling you to move forward and make positive changes in a short space of time. These benefits can be achieved quickly as a result of shifting the emphasis of our discussion away from the problem to really focus on the goals that you wish to achieve, using your own strengths and resources. It is with commitment and working in partnership with me that you will see the best results..

Angie Hayes practising hypnotherapy in Weston Super Mare, North Somerset

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis (or trance) is simply a process that brings together the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind to a state where they are working together in full cooperation. It is a safe, powerful technique that creates a deeply relaxed state of mind, body and emotions. In fact, it is a perfectly natural state we reach in our everyday lives when reading a book or watching television. I have been asked by clients whether I will be getting them to bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken! The simple answer is, no. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a totally different experience from Stage Hypnosis. I use only Clinical Hypnotherapy where you are always in control and cannot be made to carry out suggestions that are inappropriate.

When you see TV shows where people are doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things, much has to happen behind the scenes in order to ensure the show can be successful. The individuals who take part, generally, really don’t mind making a fool of themselves so they are very open to suggestion. A vast range of suggestibility tests are carried out on these people before they can play a part. Only 70% of the population can actually be hypnotised, hence, these shows are set up for success by only including individuals who have the most suitable characteristics.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of hypnotherapy or combination therapy sessions required are based on individual circumstances and what you wish to change or achieve. This will be discussed at your Initial Consultation. As a rough guide, on average, most people see a positive difference within 4 to 6 sessions but results can be much quicker. Ultimately, I leave it to my clients to decide when they are in a good place and you will not be encouraged to have any more sessions than you feel you need.

During the Initial Consultation I will give you an overview of how our minds work enabling you to understand how we can sometimes feel out of control of certain areas of our lives. The most successful outcomes are with clients who are committed to the process of building a constructive and positive future.


Solution Focused Brief Therapy

If you decide to work with me, It is important to understand that part of your journey may be about becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. This is because my remit is to question you, challenge you and support you to get past those things and ways of thinking that are holding you back. As with anything in life, by far the best way of figuring it out in all honesty is by giving it a go. There is a wealth of information on the BRIEF International website so why not take a look.

Angie Hayes practising hypnotherapy in Weston Super Mare, North Somerset

Future focused, rapid results

Because this approach is so future focused, without the need to explore the past in great detail, it is extremely flexible and can be used in many and varied situations. Of course, it’s primary use is to treat a wide range of mental health conditions in pretty much the same way as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) would. The key difference is that it is a purely talking therapy that works to improve your thinking and perspective without further interventions such as trance for example. Choosing a certain type of therapy is a very personal decision and most forms get varied results because of this. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to our mental health.

The key aim of this approach is in the title ‘Brief’. Those of us that are passionate about this work love it because we really do not want anyone to be ‘in therapy’ for months or years. We want you out there, enjoying life and thriving. And for most people, things can be turned around in as little as 3 to 5 sessions. Clearly, this can depend on individual circumstances, however, research has indicated that the success rate of this way of working is currently around 83%. If you compare this to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or counselling, for example, it’s closer to 50%.

SFBT is a great tool for many forms of coaching, whether in preparation for an important interview, nervousness around public speaking, exam nerves or even just life in general. I’ve used it to great effect for Sports Performance also. SFBT has also been found to be highly effective for use in couples therapy. More details can be found here.


Couples Therapy Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a highly effective approach in helping couples to navigate issues affecting their relationships. If you have experienced couples therapy in the past, you would find this approach radically different. Why is that? Simply because this approach is the only approach that really isn’t interested in the problem that brought you to therapy in any way. What I’m interested in is the direction that you would like your relationship to take going forward.

Angie Hayes Couples Therapy in Weston Super Mare, North Somerset

Finding solutions together

From our first meeting, we will explore not only where you want the relationship to go but what resources you have within you to make that a potential reality. I also want to explore the details related to that potential future. Does this mean we don’t talk about issues? The simple answer is, no. What we’re aiming to do is put the issues more in the context and at the heart of the potential solution that we will discover together. This puts each of you back in control of the problem which in turn leads to less arguing, better communication and cooperation in finding a solution that works for both of you.

How do clients tend to respond to this? Generally, they say that they are so happy to be talking to a therapist for whom they don’t have to talk about the problem! I’m here to help so please get in touch if you would like more information or to book an appointment.


Book a free chat to see how I can help you

I offer a FREE, no obligation, initial chat that lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. This gives you the opportunity to talk through any concerns and I can give you an honest assessment about whether I can help. There is no hard sell to take up a therapy that you may not want or even need. I want you to thrive and be happy. If there is an issue I am unable to help you with, then I can put you in touch with specialists within my network who may be able to help you.